Happy Anniversary Bethany and Nathan

Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!

The Lord has brought you guys through so much since the day you guys said “I do”.  Rosanne and I love you guys so much and wanted to give you a little gift on your anniversary.

Nathan and Bethany hold a special place in our hearts for several reasons but the one that sticks out the most is the faith and trust they placed in us 3 years ago.

We had known Bethany for several years before Nathan and her were wed.  Bethany’s grandparents were our first land lords after Rosanne and I were married.  Bethany and Rosanne used to love to  play Dutch Blitz with me and I still bear the mental scars from the beatings I received in that goofy card game.  Over the years we had the privilege of getting to know her family and look back on those years in PA with much joy.

I was however quite surprised when she approached me about shooting her wedding.  I had dabbled in photography, mostly in her Grandma’s rose gardens, but would never have even considered wedding photography.  I quite adamantly rejected her request and figured that was the end of it.  Bethany must have been desperate for a cheap photographer because she kept asking and eventually I agreed.

What was I thinking, a wedding!  I had a basic digital SLR and her brother offered us the use of his digital SLR, so armed with my Canon 30d and his Nikon D60 Rosanne and I prepared for the day with fear and in-trepidation.

I resorted to my default response, when faced with any challenge, Google.  I started to spend time on wedding photographers sites and found that wedding photography had changed a lot since Rosanne and I got married.  Gone were a lot of the staged poses and in its place was a journalistic approach to wedding photography.  I fell in love with the creativity expressed in so many of the images. The opportunity to capture the events and emotions of the day as they unfolded rekindled in me the love for photography.  Even the “formals” seemed alive to me with the creativity and emotion.

Well, Rosanne and I had a blast!  We fell in love with wedding photography and have been doing it ever since.  We had so much fun working together and found that our styles complimented each other extremely well.  Rosanne and I love shooting weddings together.  Nathan and Bethany, we are so thankful that the Lord used your persistence and trust in us to open up a whole new world of adventure for us.

Below is a sideshow I put together of a few of our favorite images of the day.

Happy Anniversary!,

Nathan and Rosanne.

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