Haverstraw NY lifestyle Senior Portraits – Ginny + Johannah

I had the opportunity to do a combination senior/”forever sisters” lifestyle portrait shoot with Ginny and Johannah.  We had to reschedule the shoot a couple of times because of an uncooperative mother nature.  Monday the rain broke, the sun came out, and while the wind made it a bit chilly, I had the opportunity to share part of Monday afternoon with two incredibly beautiful and talented teenagers.  I loved capturing the unique personalities of the girls and thoroughly enjoyed capturing the magic that exploded as they interacted with each other.

Ginny and Johannah, you guys were such a inspiration and joy for me to shoot.

Below are a some of my favorite shots from our time together.

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  1. Eleanor Z. Ruch says:

    Nathan, enjoyed seeing the photos. Obviously the girls were enjoying themselves, feeling pretty and playful. Much credit goes to the photographer!

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