Rift Valley Cup 2010

Last weekend I had the privilege of making my inaugural pilgrimage to the Rift Valley CupThe cup is held each spring in Myrtle Beach SC.  The weekend package included 2 rounds of golf at Myrtle Beach National, and 1 round of golf at Litchfield Country Club and Arrow Head Country Club.  The package also included  an opening feast at the Brazilian Steak House, and all accommodations.

Gideon, Jeff and Bones did a fantastic job of organizing and running the event.  Jeff, sorry you were unable to make it after all you did to bring it together. For all you golfers out there mark your calendars hope to see you next year at the cup!

I had a great time playing golf and managed to get a couple of shots off plus put a small slide show together.  Enjoy!

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  1. Joy Linke says:

    Who’s the dude in the SNAZZY green outfit? Loving it! Gotta make the game of golf interesting somehow! 😉

    • Nate says:

      It was over 90 in the shade. He kept on telling us he’s fine. The material looked like flannel. He was fun to play with. He is a MK. 🙂

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