Pinebrook 2009

We are presently spending some family time at Pinebrook Confrence Center in the Poconos.  This has become a family tradition for us.  Our kids talk about it all year and from what my sister tells me, her kids are just as excited.  Excited enough for them to make the 12 hour trek from Chicago each year.  The week opened up with a bang with a night of worship and singing facilitated by Calling Levi.

I have been shooting lately with the new Canon 5dMkII.   I thought the concert would be a great time to try out the higher ISO range on the camera.  The images below were shot at at ISO 4000, hand held, with a 75-300mm lens.   I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of grain in the shots.   The shots are a bit soft, My hand is not as steady as it should be.  🙂 (Give me a bit of a break, hand holding 300mm at 1/125th)

As I mentioned earlier, the group is called Calling Levi.  Calling Levi consists of two married couples, Mark and Tammy Lashey and Rob and Stephanie Leight.   Tammy and Stephanie are sisters who met Mark and Rob while attending college at Liberty University. Check them out at  I will be putting up more pictures later from our week at Pinebrook but here are a few from the concert.   Tammy and Stephanie are not only incredible vocalists, check out their fantastic photography at



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  1. Joy Linke says:

    I want to see the Pinebrook pictures!!! :o) Post more, post more!!

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