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The fall is a busy season for our family.  Between soccer, photography, and dance practices our family of seven is hopping.  As we transition out of the fall and into winter the anticipation builds as we look forward to the Christmas hollidays.  Our oldest daughter has been dancing in the Nutcracker ballet for as long as I can remember.  The nutcracker performance has become as much of our family Christmas tradition as Christmas trees and stockings.  This year marks another milestone in our Christmas tradition with Serena dancing in her first Nutcracker.

It is amazing how fast the years go by.  I remember what feels like yesterday when Rosanne and I were in the hospital room processing the words “you can take her home now”.  What?…no instruction book, no guide book, just “you are free to go”.  Fourteen years and 4 more children later we are thankful for the many people who have invested into our children and who have played a part in shaping the character of each of our kids.

Parenting has been one of the most challenging endeavors we have undertaken.  We have had our ups and our downs, our successes and our failures. Parenting was definitely simpler before we had our own kids.  One of the painful parts of parenting is seeing your own weaknesses and struggles reflected in the lives of your kids.  There is something humbling about being confronted with your own struggles when they reflect back at you through the lives of your kids.

This is the perfect place where God’s grace comes into play in our lives.  In the midst of our weaknesses and short comings God steps into the lives of our children and forms a beautiful tapestry of grace.  What a joy as we get to watch our kids discover what God sees in them.  The untapped potential of a life surrendered to His glory.

To Serena on your first performance.  You made it! After all the years of being dragged to your sister’s practices and performances this is your time and your stage.  Mom and I love you and are so proud of you.  May the Lord fill you with His peace as you trust in Him.

To Karis on your performance.  There is a joy and a freedom that flows from deep within you when you step out on that stage.  It seems like yesterday that you were Serena’s age and not sure about the whole dance thing.  What a privilege mom and I have had in watching you blossom into a beautiful woman of God marked with a quiet confidence.

If you are in the South Atlanta area and are looking for a great family activity be sure to join us at the Nutcracker the weekend of December 10th 2016.  For tickets or information on the Peachtree City Civic Ballet Company check them out online at

We are thankful,

Nate and Rosanne

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  1. Martha Barnett says:

    Such a beautiful testimony and tribute Nate! Your family is beautiful and everyone of the kids as well as you and Rosanne reflect God’s grace, gifts and great faithfulness! I pray that it is a glorious weekend!! We are all over the place this weekend but will be thinking of your family at the Nutcracker!!

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