Fayette County Newborn…Snow Storm Baby

Copyright 2014 Nathan Gehman

January 28th 2014 was a day full of adventure and drama.  Winter storm Leon brought Atlanta to a halt with children spending the night on school buses stranded on the highway, cars out of gas and abandoned on the highway as drivers looked for shelter, and 45 min commutes transformed into eight plus hour trips […]

Fayette County – GA – Lifestyle Portrait Session

Copyright 2013 Nathan Gehman

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  When we moved our family from NY down to GA a couple of years ago I was expecting to miss out on the seasons and while winter is not the same without the snow, I have enjoyed the fall much longer in GA then we […]

Rockland County NY – Newborn

I recently had the opportunity to travel up to Rockland County NY to photograph a 10 day old baby girl.  While each birth is a miracle in and off its self, some stories touch us more deeply than others.   During the shoot Emma’s mom and dad shared the story of how they could have […]

Rockland County NY Lifestyle Portrait Shoot – Bryce

Meet Myles, one bubbly, fun loving, kid who kept me moving during the lifestyle photo-shoot on a gorgeous fall afternoon in the lower Hudson Valley.  At 14 months of age, Myles was mobile and inquisitive about everything.  He was such a joy to work with. Here are some of my favorites from our time together.

Rockland County NY Infant Portrait – Emma

I had the honor of photographing another lifestyle infant shoot this week. Meet Emma at five precious weeks old!   I am used to infants sleeping while I work around them.  Not Emma! Emma is full of life and is ready to take on the world. I started shooting directly after a feeding then took a […]

Rockland County NY Infant Portrait Shoot – Rose

This week I was afforded the honor of photographing an infant portrait shoot with a three week old baby girl.  While my primary role was that of photographer, I was able to sneak in a couple of minutes of simply holding Rose and marveling at the wonder of life. What is it about a baby […]

Stroudsburg PA Lifestyle Portrait Shoot – Emily, Sara and Aidan

A couple of weeks ago while on vacation in the Poconos at Pinebrook Conference Center with my family, I had the opportunity to shoot a lifestyle portrait session with Emily, Sara and Aidan.

Haverstraw NY lifestyle Senior Portraits – Ginny + Johannah

I had the opportunity to do a combination senior/”forever sisters” lifestyle portrait shoot with Ginny and Johannah.  We had to reschedule the shoot a couple of times because of an uncooperative mother nature.  Monday the rain broke, the sun came out, and while the wind made it a bit chilly, I had the opportunity to […]

Pearl River NY Lifestyle Portrait Shoot – Mike and Renee

I had the opportunity to spend the evening with Mike, Renee and their 2 wonderful children.  Mike and Renee have been working in Africa for over 10 years and have been involved in a number of projects including Mission aviation with AIM-AIR and photo journalism with On Field Media.  To catch a glimpse of their […]